Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This blog will serve the following purposes:

1)Non-radical vegan news. I’m not a fan of PETA.  I am non-preachy, as that is rude, and nothing turns people off of veganism like the preachy mother fuckers. People can eat what they want. I would never stand in the way of someone’s steak.

2)Vegan recipes that ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD. And easy/cheap to make.

3)Vegan songs and videos. Because, why not?

That is all.

I may rant a little bit (a lot), but, isn’t that to be expected on a blog?

  1. nosuchthingasvegan says:

    yeh? so?

  2. Nicholas says:

    You’re a better man that I am. I personally like preaching. 🙂

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