Is Smoking Vegan?

Posted: March 1, 2011 in vegan
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Simple answer: Yes. You can smoke and be vegan.

Should you?
Simple answer: No.
If you’re an ethical vegan, most tobacco companies test their products on animals. Exceptions exist, most notably American Spirit. UPDATE: American Spirits are owned by a company that tests on animals.

If you’re vegan for health reasons, what the hell are you doing smoking?

I’m not going to condemn anyone for smoking, I smoked for 15 years before I quit, and, besides, its not my place to do that.

If you’re an ethical vegan smoker, research the brand first to see if they test on animals.

Side question: should smoking be banned?
Answer: No.
But what about in restaurants?
Answer: That should be up to the business owner.

  1. Nicholas says:

    I never understood this conundrum myself. A lot of vegans and vegetarians I know of smoke, drink and do drugs all the while saying how much healthier they are than the average meat eater. *shakes head*

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