A Slight Disclaimer.

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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You may think this is just another LA Vegan blog. Well, fuck you for stereotyping.

I don’t give a shit about which vegan restaurant is better than that vegan restaurant. Most vegans don’t go or have access to vegan restaurants. They are expensive. They taste good. But, shit, they are expensive.

Being vegan, even in LA, can sometimes be inconvenient, especially when the majority of your friends are omnivores. Maybe they don’t want to go to the Vegan Plate or Madeleine Bistro. Who are you to dictate where everybody goes to eat.

Most restaurants offer vegan options, or will accomadate you.

To all the fellow vegans out there: Stay veg,  just don’t be a douche!


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