Let’s talk about coffee.

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So, I kind of feel bad for writing this entry at a Charbucks, drinking a ‘Pike’s Place’ ‘grande’ ‘coffee’, but to quote my African-American co-worker, it is what it is. My grinder at home broke, and all I have are whole beans (Holly Jolly blend from someplace in Kansas-thanks Reddit gifts!) I am a borderline coffee snob, and the good coffee places are either to far away to walk to, or too expensive.
Jesus, I sound pretentious.

Anyway. We all drink coffee. We all enjoy it. Some of you put cream and sugar in it. You shouldn’t (aside from the fact that dairy is gross). Cream and sugar take away from the taste of the coffee, leaving you with a dessert.

Full disclosure: I started drinking coffee in my late teens, mixed with hot chocolate packets. I then ‘graduated’ to Coffeemate flavored creamers. Then I went vegan, and found that the soy creamers were gross. So, I started taking it black with a (quite a) bit of sugar.

When I finally cut out sugar, I discovered what real coffee tastes like. Of course, by that time I was drinking the boldest blends, thinking that is what coffee tasted like. I refused to drink light roasts, even medium roasts tasted watered down to me.

When I cut out the cream and sugar, the coffee flavor notes stood out (of course, it was even more pronounced by me quitting smoking) and I was amazed. AMAZED.

So many different flavors at so many different times.

I have supplied some links and guidelines below.

What you will need:

  • Coffee. Preferably whole bean.
  • Coffee grinder.
  • A French Press, an Aeropress, or a pour-over filter.
  • A warmed mug

    Different Roasts:




Some Guidelines:

  1. Buy only whole-bean coffee roasted within the last few days.
  2. Grind it fresh, just before brewing.
  3. Brew it in a French press or a pour-over filter using fresh water, off the boil.
  4. Avoid dark roasts in the beginning (or forever!). Coffee is not supposed to be bitter and angry like 99% of dark roasts. Not to mention that dark roasts are very susceptible to over-extraction.
  5. Go light on the cream and sugar. It doesn’t matter how expensive your machine is or how fresh the beans are if you drown out the coffee flavor with sugar and milk. You’ll find that with good coffee you need less additives to mask the bitter, burnt, stale, and over-extracted flavor most people consider to be the “coffee” taste.


  1. Nicholas says:

    Man, you ARE a coffee snob! LOL! I guess I am a lightweight- I simply like the flavor of coffee, but not the effects and addictive nature so I drink only decaf. And in that, I drink whatever is around- including the instant stuff. And in THAT, I actually dig a froufrou coffees every so often. Dang. Have I lost a friend because of this?! šŸ˜‰ Seriously, I like your dedication to the thing you enjoy, and actually admire the fact that you thought about it this hard. Honestly, that last sentence is much less facetious than it appears. Honestly.

    • depows says:

      Haha, nope no friend losing here.
      I drink a lot of coffee, but the days I go without, I’m fine. I don’t get the headaches or the shakes or anything like that. šŸ™‚

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