Fat Vegans?

Posted: March 29, 2012 in diet, rant, vegan
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With PETA and other ‘vegan’ organizations basically trying to fat-shame omnivores into going vegan, let’s take a look at veganism as a health choice. Is it healthier than the Standard American Diet (SAD)? Can you lose weight while eating a vegan diet? The answers are: It can be, and you can.

A lot of vegans eat crap. Oreos, Sun Chips, sugary cereal, white bread and pasta. Sugar on everything. I was a morbidly obese vegan for a long time, and it wasn’t until I cut that crap out of my diet that I started losing weight. (80 pounds down so far- dropped from 320 to 240, and from pant size 44 to 36). Fat vegans exist. Fat omnis exist. Fat vegetarians exist. Why? They eat shit.

If a vegan eats well, fuck yeah they’ll lose weight. Fuck yeah, they’ll be healthy. Fuck yeah, they’ll most likely avoid shitty diseases like diabetes. If a vegan eats shit, like sugar oreo sandwiches, fuck yeah they’ll get fat, fuck yeah they’ll be unhealthy. Common sense (and some dietary knowledge kind of dictates that shit).

So why go vegan if you can be just as unhealthy with a vegan diet?

Because veganism is not a fucking diet. It’s a lifestyle. Its more than abstaining from meat, milk, and eggs. We eschew ALL animal products the best we can. Leather, silk, honey, wool, feathers, and fur. A person who just cuts animal products out of their diet is not a vegan. They are a vegetarian.

I am a vegan due to ethics. I do not feel right when others have to die to feed me, when they don’t have to. Yes, I know some animals die when vegetables are farmed. I know death is a part of the animal kingdom, part of life. I am removing myself from that cycle as best I can. We cannot let perfect be the enemy of good.

The non-aggression principle played a large part in forming my worldview. I am in no means a pacifist, if attacked, I will defend myself. Whether it be by a human, a lion, or a dog. I will not go out of my way to hurt or harm others. Whether they be a human, a lion, or a dog. I will not exploit another. Whether they be a human, a lion, or a dog.


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