Herman Cain- Easter Bunny Shooter.

Posted: March 29, 2012 in animal rights, politics, rant
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Alright, so the current GOP royal rumble is hilarious. I found out today that Gingrich was still in the race, who knew? Santorum is out spewing theocratic nonsense, and nobody really seems to care that Mittens Romney strapped a dog to the top of his car.

Herman Cain, the Federal Reserve shill and pizza overlord, dropped out of the race months ago, but here he is, shooting rabbits in a bizarre, incoherent political ad.

So that’s neat, I guess.
Herman Fudd, Pizza Lord.

What made Pizza Cain think this would be a good idea? His PR people kind of suck at their jobs (kind of like Godfather’s Pizza sucks at pizza. Zing). First, you’re shooting a bunny. A few days before Easter. Second, you’re shooting a rabbit. Third, the shooter looks like Michael Douglas in that movie where he went crazy and shot up LA.

The rabbit CGI looks terrible, too.


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